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Monday, March 23, 2009

Wayne Shorter - addendum

Just thinking about this thing where older musicians take their foot off the creative pedal when entering their sixties, and citing Wayne as an example of the opposite of this. A few more guys who spring to mind who continue to be an example to us all in terms of always stepping up to the plate every time they play -

Jim Hall
Roy Haynes
Lee Konitz
Kenny Wheeler


  1. Actually, it seems there are more aging giants than ever:

    John McLaughlin, Keith Jarrett, Chick Corea, Zakir Hussein ...

  2. Yeah, that's true Lindsey - when I was thinking of the above, I was thinking of guys in their 70s and above - if you go down to the 60s you widen the net considerably! Apart from the giants you mention above, you'd also have Herbie Hancock, Dave Liebman, John Abercrombie, Jack De Johnette, and in Europe guys like Martial Solal, Jan Garbarek, Daniel Humair. Plenty of older role models for us all!

  3. Speaking of which, I heard Hank Jones last week who is now 90. It was astonishingly beautiful.