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Friday, March 20, 2009

The Triumph of the Mediocre

Flicking through the TV here in an idle moment I stumble across Ronan Keating singing (or possibly miming) the Cyndy Lauper song ‘Time After Time’. He’s surrounded by a bevy of young girl string players (the essential accoutrement for all middle aged pop singers these days it would seem) who are definitely miming since there’s a drummer playing right beside them yet the strings can be heard clearly. God this is awful stuff – badly and unimaginately arranged schlock, delivered by a particularly mediocre singer – even by pop music standards. As I finish this little rant he’s now being interviewed and he’s describing how climbing Mount Kilimanjaro gave him ‘headaches, nosebleeds and nausea’ - I know how you feel Ronan, I’ve just been listening to you sing..................

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