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Saturday, September 11, 2021

The Art and Science of Time - New Podcast Series

 Hi Everybody

As I mentioned in my last post, I've begun a series of Podcasts on the subject of rhythm. The series is called The Art and Science of Time, which you can see HERE. It will look at many aspects of rhythm in many different forms of music, and explore rhythm's importance in music and in life. The series will feature conversations between myself and many great musicians during the course of which we'll discuss rhythm's role across a huge range of music - jazz, Indian music, African music, Brazilian, classical, the music of the Middle East, the Balkans etc.

So far I’ve had great chats with Dave Liebman, Jim McNeely, Ramesh Shotham and the great classical percussionist Russel Hartenberger. I’ll be uploading these each week, on Fridays, and in the first episode I explain the impetus for making this series and also the form subsequent episodes will take. Please check it out - I hope you find something of interest there. 

Stay safe!


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