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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Music for Soprano Sax and String Quartet

It's a a pleasant surprise to accidentally stumble across a performance of your work that you didn't know had been done. In this case it was on Youtube and was a performance by a Polish group of the first movement of my 'Music for Soprano Sax and String Quartet', which I wrote for Dave Liebman in 1998. I think this piece is a good companion to the blog post I wrote about string writing in jazz, involving as it does a lot of the issues I discussed in that article.

The performers here are Andrzej Olejniczak & Apertus String Quartet. I knew Andrzej via email and I knew he'd performed the piece in Spain, but I didn't know about this performance or recording. They play the piece very well too and so it was a nice piece of Serendipity for a Sunday morning................


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this composition and the performance, too.

    I also enjoyed the bits where Andrzej was suddenly holding a tenor sax.

  2. Thanks Jason - and yes, it's some interesting film editing!

  3. Cannot access the video unfortunately (declared as 'private')