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Thursday, March 11, 2010

On Tour with Jim Black and Julian Arguelles

I'm on the road with Jim and Julian at the moment - this is a trio that has played together, (and recorded for Auand), for a while - this is our third tour and so far as much or even more fun than the the others. The group has a real free-wheeling way of playing which I love. We have some composed material but the vast majority of the music on the gigs is improvised on the spot. I think the blend of our three personalities - a similar broad outlook and background but with enough differences in the details of how we play to keep it interesting - makes for very creative music making.

I'm keeping a tour diary on my website blog - you can see it here It's an improvised opening from the Dublin gig.

You can here some of the music from the tour here

And here's a clip of the trio in action taken on the last tour

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