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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Spinal Tap has nothing on this.........

I recently rediscovered a classic, unintentionally hilarious, video of Al Di Meola on Youtube. It purports to be a rhythm masterclass but is in fact a classic piece of Spinal Tap-style hilarity. You couldn’t make something up that’s as funny as this, in terms of its pomposity and the sheer ludicrousness of the premise that Di Meola puts forward in relation to rhythm.

The incredibly sycophantic interviewer from Lick Library (!) who almost, (but not quite), loves Al as much as Al does, really adds to the hilarity of the whole thing with his slavish agreement with every outlandish statement Di Meola makes. But in the end he’s just the straight man to Al, who manages to combine complete rubbish as far as rhythmic technique is concerned, with massively egotistical statements, a-rhythmic playing (which purports to be demonstrating strong rhythmic technique), and incredibly sweeping statements such as the one that patiently explains to the nodding interviewer that Northern Europeans and Asians have no sense of rhythm. It’s hilarious – it out-Taps Spinal Tap and it’s here

And once you’ve watched that, then there’s an equally hilarious send-up of Di Meola by two unknown Australian guitarists, having a great time in their front room and completely nailing the Di Meola persona and musical approach. Enjoy!

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